EVENT: Women in Tech Workshop – 8th Oct 16 @ Central Methodist Building, MCR

To raise the visibility of women in technology whilst Manchester shines brightly under the limelight as the European City of Science, LadyfestMCR will present a day of free workshops to teach women technological skills they may otherwise not get the chance to access.

Women are traditionally under-represented in technological industries due to multiple barriers associated with working in traditionally male environments; dominant male attitudes, a culture which values long hours and thus excludes those with caring and family responsibilities, the high cost of training and other difficulties.
The workshops aim to give participants the opportunity to gain an introduction to coding, game design, film editing and sound engineering in the hope this will encourage them to seek further training in these areas and widen the participation of women in the technological industries.

‘When women help other women, amazing things can happen’.

These events are free but donations are very welcome to keep Ladyfest alive in the city.

To attend the workshops simply attend the event at Central Methodist Building, Oldham St, Manchester from 12-6pm on Sat 8th October and sign up on a first-come, first-served basis. There are up to 35 spaces per workshop so we hope to accomodate as many people as possible. Workshops are open to participants of all genders, however in the event of oversubcription we encourage male participants to step aside and allow women and non-binary participants to take their place.

Film Editing Workshop                                                                                                                                 Want to edit film and video like Thelma Schoonmaker? Well you need to start somewhere… Kirstie Henderson of Brave Day Productions is here to teach a taster workshop in film editing.

More women are being drawn towards film and video editing than ever before. In the past it was traditionally a male dominated profession, perhaps because it was viewed as a ‘technical’ skill and not one for ‘the girls’. Women are equally strong in the tech side as much as the creative and storytelling, they are a powerhouse! The tech side of it can be a steep learning curve, although the basics can be mastered fairly quickly so you can cut together simple edits of your work. There’s a plethora of online tutorials available for editing, whichever software you use – Avid; Adobe Premiere; Final Cut; iMovie etc. – and you will advance quickly as you fall in love with its creative possibilities and develop great storytelling skills. With the ease of online social media platforms to share videos, editing is a powerful skill to shape a narrative and get your stories out into the world.

Sound Engineering Workshop                                                                                                                Not-for-profit event management company Dulcet Sounds will provide a free basic sound engineering course for women. Intended to provide a stepping stone to event management for participants looking to move into volunteering or paid work as sound engineers or for those who are/would like to run there own events / event managers who would like to increase their knowledge of sound engineering. We will cover how to set up a sound system for DJ’s, musicians and performers through a live mixing desk.

Game Design                                                                                                                                             Professor Nicola Whitton of Manchester Metropolitan University                                         Designing games for learning in ten easy steps
Games are great ways to engage people in activities where they can learn skills, increase knowledge, or change attitudes, beliefs or behaviours. Digital games are expensive to develop and take design control away from the educator. In this workshop, participants will work through a simple ten-step process to develop cheap and effective learning games based on traditional formats such as card or board games.

Introduction to Coding Workshop                                                                                                               ‘Manchester Girl Geeks’ will present a two hour introduction to coding. With the help of www.codecademy.com, we will walk and talk you through the first steps to writing your own code in a programming language called Python. This short intro class is aimed at absolute beginners, who have little or no knowledge of programming, as well as people with experience of programming who would like to refresh their coding skills – for example, if you already program in another language but would like to learn a new one.






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