INFO: The amazing online bloggers propelling body positivity forward…

Society’s preoccupation with the female body is indisputable. Our bodies are constantly scrutinised: sometimes overtly when some of us are openly labelled fat and sometimes subtly when we’re told we’ve packed on a few pounds. Although the majority of us ladies have been on the receiving end of body criticism for being too big or too small, it is the minority that have actually spoken out against this.

So, we want to shine a light on some of the glorious and encouraging work that online bloggers do for the body positivity movement. Through their online profiles, these women are flying the flag for societal acceptance of all body types and working hard to reverse common ideas about “normality” (as if that ever existed).

Here are 10 of our favourites:

She Might Be Loved

She Might Be Loved.jpg

Georgina, curator of ‘She Might Be Loved’ has been using her blog to advocate body positivity since 2013. Georgina’s blog is full of beauty, fashion and lifestyle advice, all with a socially conscious undercurrent as she tailors her style advice to plus-sized women. She posts a ton of pictures of her rocking amazing outfits and exuding self-confidence, accompanying all pictures with useful guidance.

Her blog post entitled ‘I’m Bored’ is an incredible affirmation of her self-love despite societal criticism of her body. In this personal post, she highlights some of the issues she’s dealt with as a plus sized woman and how she’s overcome them.

Her commitment to the body positivity movement is shown on her online magazine ‘She Might Be‘ where she and guest bloggers write eloquently on topical body issues like the importance of accepting ourselves the way we are.


Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust


Prolific user of the #mybodyisabikinibody hashtag, Georgina Horne is using social media to showcase the beauty of bigger, fuller bodies. Her blog and Instagram account is full of pictures of her looking fierce in swimwear, figure-hugging dresses and lingerie. She unapologetically flaunts her amazing figure, and we applaud the self-love!

As someone who shows off her body proudly, she’s no stranger to the sexualisation of female bodies. Her blog post ‘Being Sexualised‘ addresses this and affirms that our bodies are not objects for public consumption. She’s also written about confidence in her blog post called ‘Confidence Revisited’ in which she highlights that fat does not have to be hidden and offers some useful suggestions on how to build body confidence.

Becky Bedbug


Becky is a gorgeous plus sized blogger who openly accepts her fuller figure. In her post ‘On Being Plus Size‘ she is right on in rebuking the idea that being beautiful and being fat are mutually exclusive things.

In 2015 she posted a series of articles that rejected the idea that fat people can’t wear certain clothing. Posts like ‘Can fat people wear jeggings?’, ‘Can fat people wear joggers?’ and ‘Can fat people wear maxi dresses’ all confront societal restrictions that reserve certain items of clothing for certain body types.

On social media, she’s frequently outspoken about fashion label Boohoo’s unfair policy of charging extra for plus sized clothing and highlights what she learned from this on her blog. Here, she encourages us to be outspoken about our beliefs and believe in the fact that we can make a change.


Becky Barnes Blog


If you’re looking for expert plus-sized fashion advice, Becky Barnes has you covered. Her blog is a haven for style advice and features images of her modelling some gorgeous outfits. She also addresses body positivity issues and talks about her own experience in accepting her body the way it is.

In her post ‘Wobbles Are Inevitable‘, she writes movingly about past body issues that resulted in her getting surgery and how she overcame them. She talks about anxieties that a lot of women experience daily whilst encouraging us to love ourselves and be our best versions.


Pretty Big Butterflies


Mum to be Hollie is a blogger who combines fashion advice, advice for mums and body positivity. Her wonderful fashion advice reinforces the idea that you can be plus size and fashionable at the same time. In her blog post ‘It’s OK to not be OK’, she writes openly about her self-acceptance journey, the negativity she’s experienced on the way and the importance of giving ourselves a break from self-scrutiny.

Another one of her posts has some great tips on how to boost our body image and confidence, teaching us that empowerment comes when we accept how we are. A great ambassador for body confidence and encouraging women of all sizes that they can wear whatever they want to, Hollie’s blog is a must- read.


Danielle Vanier


An inspiring fashionista herself, Danielle’s a great fashion blogger who is always writing about London’s current trends. In her post ‘Be Body Con’, she reminds us that it’s okay for plus-sized women to wear tight dresses and through the pictures of herself in her own bodycon dresses, she shows us how great plus-sized women look in them. ()

She’s currently collaborating with plus-sized clothing brand ELVI and offering a stylish session with herself & a £250 EVIL gift voucher! Check out the hashtag #EastEndGirl on Twitter for more information. Danielle also models for ELVI fashion and absolutely rocks all the clothes. See photos on ELVI’s website.


Lottie Lamour


Lottie writes about plus size fashion, beauty and body positivity. Her blog is full of posts that encourage women to accept their bodies the way they are; in ‘How to fall in love with your body’, she highlights that ‘All bodies are good bodies’, even those that might look unhealthy. She reminds us that we all deserve to feel comfortable in our skin and proud of our bodies no matter what society deems normal or acceptable.

In addition to blogging, she’s an ambassador for the Body Confidence Revolution movement which aims to reverse standards of physical perfection and addresses topical issues on female bodies but her great work doesn’t stop there! Lottie was recently involved in an eBay advertisement campaign for plus sized clothing too.


Girl Geek In A Dress


A Manchester-based plus-sized blogger and feminist who offers great fashion advice whilst trying to overturn ‘fashion rules’ that say plus-sized women can’t wear certain items of clothing. In her blog ‘The fashion authority has spoken: no crop tops’, she undermines the idea that bigger girls should hide their fat and refrain from wearing cropped items of clothing. We couldn’t agree more! To back up her point, she posted photos of her beautifully pulling off the crop top look.


Gin Fuelled Blue Stocking


Self-proclaimed gin lover and plus sized lifestyle & food blogger Charlie writes prolifically about cultural events going on in Manchester. She’s a body positivity advocate and also a proponent of educating people on how to eat healthily. She lifts weights, runs marathons and is a great ambassador for self-love. She’s a friend of Ladyfest and spoke on our Ladyfest MCR panel on body image issues and where they come from as part of our Self-Care Sunday event.


Kit Keen


A food and fashion blogger with a socially conscious agenda. In her post ‘Sympathetic Ink: On tattoos and fat acceptance‘ she talks about her own issues and tells the story of how she came to love her body the way it is. Every woman deals with body anxieties differently; she writes about how decorating her body in tattoos giving her the confidence to show off her body without shame. All women are different so fat positivity is expressed in a variety of different ways! It’s about doing what we feel most comfortable doing.

Her article on ASOS is an informative read that focuses on the lack of representation of plus-sized models in the media and highlights some of the reasons that plus-size women feel underappreciated. She’s an amazing activist who graced us with her presence at the Ladyfest MCR panel where she spoke on body issues. She’s also written for the Guardian, The Indy, The Pool and The Debrief.


All of these women are using social media to implement change in our society. Change can only be accomplished through activism; together we can help people understand that marginalised body types are normal body types. All bodies are good bodies. We believe this, we just need other people to as well.

Our Ladyfest MCR Body Positive Workshop is opening up conversation about the problems we face and why they’re important to address, so if you want to continue the fine work these ladies have started, come along.


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